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By Dennis Lim LLB, CLP, Senior Lecturer, School of Business Just mention the word “LAW” and every non-legal student will cringe in fear and pain. Is it really that difficult to study Law? Not really… Law is not rocket science. It just requires common sense. Personally, I feel that Mathematics and Science are way more...
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Flatlay of Malaysian Ringgits
By Chong Kok Loong, Senior Lecturer, School of Business Personal Financial Planning. Managing Personal Finance is a very important area which requires individual attention and also requires proper planning too. Personal financial planning could be divided into a few stages mainly, Cash Planning. Insurance Planning. Investment Planning. Retirement Planning. Estate Planning. Cash Planning. Cash flow...
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Accountant using Calculator
By Esvary A/P Maynan, Lecturer, School of Business A question that hangs heavy on every first-year student’s mind is, “What will my future career be if I study this course?” This certainly reflects their concern regarding the sustainability of their course choices in the long run. Generally speaking, an accounting career can be regarded as...
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Businessman Touching Tip of Bar Chart
By Dr. A. Sanmugam, Senior Lecturer, School of Business The educational system is constantly evolving as it prepares the students to be informed citizens as well as preparing them to be productive in the global workforce. The education system accommodates multiple goals in providing resources so that students can continue to improvise until they revolutionize...
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Big Data
By M.Mohamed Feroz, Lecturer, School of Computing & Technology One will agree that the idea of big data has been around for years. However, in recent years, most companies have realized the benefit of collecting all the data that streams through their organizations. Even in the 1950s, decades before “Big Data”, some of us were...
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A talk on resume writing was carried out in SEGi College Kuala Lumpur on the 7th of August, 2020. The talk was given by Cr Cheong Kar Hui, a distinguished speaker and also the Managing Director of The Miles Resource Sdn. Bhd. The main focus of the talk was about effective resume writing which is...
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