International Students



Read the Requirements

International students are advised to read the requirements for admission carefully and ensure all information submitted is complete.Obtain an International Application Form from SEGi International Office, SEGi International Agent.



Complete the form and attach the following documents:

International students applying from country of origin (New applicants)

  • To apply, please make payment of RM2,950 for application and student visa processing fee;
  • 8 recent passport sized photographs (4cm X 5.5cm) with name and passport number written on the reverse side;
  • Certified true copies of all academic qualifications;
  • One (1) full set of photocopy of your passport – include all pages, including blank pages. (The passport must have a validity period of at least 12 months);
  • An updated resume (for purposes of MBA programme applications only);
  • English translations of all documents submitted; and
  • Completed Medical Report


International students applying within Malaysia (Transfer student)

  • To register, please make payment RM2,950 for application and student visa processing fee; together with all documents from (b) to (g) listed above;
  • Offer letter will be issued by SEGi University/ SEGi College;
  • Request for the following documents from recent college/ institution and ensure that all documents are CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES by the college/ institution;
  • Release letter;
  • Attendance record;
  • Result slip or academic transcripts or certificates.

**The documents shall be mailed or couriered to respective campuses listed on the Application Form.



Initial Fee Payment RM 2,950, inclusive of application fee and student visa processing, payable by telegraphic transfer or bank draft to respective campus Bank details found on the Application Form.

There is an option to enrol in Guardianship & Mentoring Programme. Please write students name, passport and contact detail at the reverse side of the cheque, bank draft or telegraphic transfer slip.


Letter of Acceptance

Upon receipt of application form, required fees and relevant supporting documents, as explained above, SEGi will post and email a copy of the Letter of Acceptance if the International Student meets the entry requirements.

SEGi International Student Department will submit the documents to the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education and Malaysian Immigration Department to begin processing the Visa Approval Application.

This process will take approximately 6-8 weeks.


Visa Approval Letter

When SEGi International Office has received the required fees i.e. have been credited into SEGi’s bank account via Telegraphic Transfer or Bank Draft, you will receive a soft-copy of the Letter of Acceptance and the Visa Approval Letter to the eligible International Student.


*It is the prerogative and responsibility of the International Student to check with the Malaysian Embassy in the respective home/source country with regards special requirements or visa requirements before coming into Malaysia. For example, the international student may need to apply for Single Entry Visa to enter into Malaysia.

*Students from Africa are required to take the necessary inoculations, particularly against the Yellow Fever before coming into Malaysia. Students are advised to carry along the Medical Certificate for verification by the Malaysian Immigration Department.


*  In reference to the recent fake propaganda and marketing activities happening in China, our College Management has conducted various inspections and investigations to conclude the following declaration as given below:

*  关于最近在中国大陆区内, 我们发现了很多不实宣传, 经过多方咨讯收集与调查, 我校作出以下声明:

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