In reference to the recent fake propaganda and marketing activities happening in China, our College Management has conducted various inspections and investigations to conclude the following declaration as given below:

关于最近在中国大陆区内, 我们发现了很多不实宣传, 经过多方咨讯收集与调查, 我校作出以下声明:


SEGi College Kuala Lumpur (SCKL) would like to emphasise that we have never used any channel or appointed any agent to spread the following false information:

马来西亚吉隆坡世纪学院 (简称: SCKL) 从未通过任何渠道及代理, 宣传下列不实信息。以下为本校说明与实情:


False Fact 1:

That SCKL does not impose any admission criteria and allows potential students to backdate their admission dates/intakes. This is untrue.

吉隆坡世纪学院可以协调录取要求及入学时间 (例如在已开设课程中自由插入一个班级, 无需任何录取入学标准等) ; 这是不真实的


False Fact 2:

That English IELTS scores or equivalent are not required for potential students to study at SCKL. This is untrue.

无需提供雅思成绩(IELTS Scores)或同等语言成绩就能入专业; 这是不真实的


False Fact 3:

That SCKL promises completion and graduation, condoning the act of assignment outsourcing and conducting our programmes in Chinese. This is untrue.

提供保证毕业、作业托管、翻译辅导等服务; 这是不真实的


False Fact 4:

That students can directly pursue a Master’s programme without pre-requisite qualifications. This is untrue.

无任何前置学历要求可直接升读硕士; 这是不真实的


False Fact 5:

That pure online courses are equivalent to full-time MBA courses. This is untrue.

宣传我们课程为全日制线上课程,全程不需要出国; 这是不真实的


SEGi College Kuala Lumpur severely condemns unofficial agents’ fraudulent use of its name to post untrue propaganda content online, defrauding international students, and making profits thereby.

吉隆坡世纪学院严厉谴责非正式代理在网上冒用吉隆坡世纪学院的名义发布不真实宣传内容, 蒙骗国际留学生, 牟取利润的行为。


SEGi College Kuala Lumpur strictly abides by the rules of law and implements the enrolment system set by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia, and therefore will severely admonish those who make false propaganda and profit in the name of our College. Our College reserves the right to pursue all and any available legal and other remedies against any institutions and individuals who damage our reputation this way.

我方将对借我校名义不实宣传及获利者严惩不贷, 对一切损坏我校名誉的机构与个人, 我校将保留采取以任何方式随时追究法律责任的权利。


In response to the above situation, members of the public, professionals from various sectors, as well as our business partners are welcome to notify us on such suspicious activities immediately.

鉴于上述情况, 欢迎社会各界人士及合作伙伴监督并投诉。


Yours sincerely,


The Management, SEGi College Kuala Lumpur

马来西亚吉隆坡世纪学院 管理层

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