Welcome home, SEGians!

During an informal gathering in May 2022,  SEGi University & Colleges Subang Jaya’s Faculty of Business and Accountancy welcomed its graduates back to the college to celebrate their success.

Faculty lecturers were proud to learn that all graduates secured excellent jobs and were doing well in their fields.  Ex-students expressed their greatfulness and appreciation to their Alma Mater SEGi for providing an effective learning environment. Their lecturers were not forgotten, and were warmly thanked for their continual teaching and guidance, without which the ex- students would not be on the right track in their successful careers.

The Head of Faculty, Ms Koh Yoke Ling,  explained that the main objective of the homecoming event is to let the the Ex students  mingle and be apprised of  what their classmates and friends are doing. This also allows for ex- students to build their network and eventually help in each other’s career progression.

We look forward to holding more events such as these to help our students, SEGi does not just build highly marketable graduates but we always are there to support them. A SEGIan is always welcome and has our  constant support. The Best in You Made Possible!

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