The ‘New Normal’ adaptation

The Covid-19 pandemic hits the world a year ago and businesses are affected badly. However, it will not stop business operation and production. Now everyone in the world is talking about IR 4.0 (Digitalize, Artificial Intelligence & etc).

Due to the pandemic, countries border is closed. Social media and online meeting platforms are widely used to hold up today’s challenges. To keep businesses’ production and operation moving, traditional marketing/selling method (offline marketing) are slowly switching into digital/online marketing. Businesses including universities and colleges started to sell their programmes, products, and services online through ‘LIVE’ streaming. The effectiveness and costs are much cheaper compare to traditional marketing channels (offline marketing).

At SEGi College Sarawak, we are moving towards IR 4.0. We have digitalized most of our administration processes and teaching method. The internet is borderless, it enables us to reach out to the public at any time of the day. For employees to be in line with this competitive and challenging era, they will need to attend trainings (upgrade and upskills).

In the past, high school leavers and parents prefer to visit the campus for course counselling and registration. Surprisingly, virtual course counselling is now their main preference. Digitalization allowed parents and students to have easy access to downloading the registration form, scholarship form, understanding the course details, tuition fees payment at their own preference timing.

E-learning platforms (Blackboard, Microsoft Teams) replace physical classes to avoid close contact during Movement Control Order (MCO) and Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). Students can revise all the lecture sessions before exams.

In conclusion, the initiative of digitalization improves the efficiency of all processes.

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