As SEGi College continues to move into an fun and exciting future full of promise, we also continue to employ sound leadership and strict governance to ensure that we always meet and exceed the highest standards in the quality of our academic programmes, our students’ experience, our administration and our policies.

The Malaysia Education Blueprint 2015-2025 (Higher Education) laid out ten shifts in higher education institutions in Malaysia. The sixth of these, Empowered Governance, gives higher education institutions autonomy, greater decision-making rights, and greater accountability. With the power and flexibility to make our own decisions, we can now better manage our resources and evolve our institution into one that is more innovative, more effective, and more responsive.

Consistent with SEGi’s vision, mission and core values, we pursue our strategic objectives through this empowerment and operate within the framework prescribed by Act 555 – The Private Higher Education Institutions Act 1996.

The highest academic governing body at the college level is the College Academic Council, established by SEGi’s Board of Governors in accordance with the College Constitution. This Council, among others, ensures that the academic integrity and quality of our academic operations are never compromised and that they work in tandem with our education strategy.

The senior management of SEGi constitutes the College Management Committee, also established in accordance with the College Constitution.  This Committee is responsible for the general direction of the college and ensures that appropriate operational strategies and plans are implemented to achieve our goals.