Technology Revolution

The pandemic was a time of great challenges. The United Nations called it an unprecedented human crisis with severe health and socio-economic consequences.

Yet, with great crisis comes great innovation. 

We have been presented with the opportunity to think differently and create rapid changes that would have a profound impact. We explored new and faster ways to communicate and effectively engage, new ways to learn and survive, new ways to grow and thrive.

This has led to an explosion of new technologies and innovations. Our learners must now have a combination of resilience and agility. Our new systems must engage, support new capacities, and empower young innovators.

We call it our era of Digitalisation, Globalisation, Diversification.

As the pandemic evolves, so will our technology.

This is the SEGi Technology Revolution.



The metaverse is the next evolution of the Internet. SEGi MetaCampus is our campus in the metaverse. It transforms online and hybrid learning into an immersive 3D virtual reality experience.

It’s a digital world where our students gather to learn, play and socialise in the form of avatars. Within the MetaCampus, you will experience a fun, interactive and immersive way to study, meet and hang out with friends from around the world in the metaverse.

Our MetaCampus has 100 lecture halls, 300 lecture rooms, 30 meeting rooms, six libraries, 50 retail shops, 30 student hangouts and six concert halls.


Blockchain has revolutionised the Internet of Things. Simply put, it is the new technology of trust. It secures academic certificates and makes them impossible to

We are one of the first education groups in Malaysia to have our graduates’ certificates secured in blockchain technology, making these qualifications valuable to employers looking for reliable and secure methods to verify candidates’ skills and certifications.

Having been accredited by MQA and recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia and the authorities in numerous countries, your academic certificates will now be authenticated by blockchain technology, which is the world standard for creating secured certificates and validating its authenticity.


Voted one of the best in library automation and digitalisation, our state-of-the-art integrated library management system allows you to access world-class online library services. With digitalisation, you may access eBooks, listen to audiobooks, and watch videos 24/7 without changing your location.

Our inter-campus Library Management System also provides services such as user registration, borrowing, check-out and return of books and materials, etc., from anywhere and at any time. This innovative solution provides unique capabilities allowing you to access library resources anytime and anywhere, creating flexibility your studies


Through e-sports, you learn valuable skills in strategies, problem-solving, communication, teamwork and grit. You learn research skills as you study the strategy of previous games. Skills are necessary when we navigate through work and life.

By investing in e-sports, cybersecurity and connectivity, we ensure you have a safe place not just for recreation and competitive sports but also to build those core skills that will set you up for success.


We work with Microsoft to give you full access to Microsoft 365, a collection of cloud-based services that help you learn software applications that your employers value most.

You can use Microsoft 365 to increase productivity, collaborate with peers, and focus on tasks. With access to email, calendar and OneDrive file storage, you can be assured that you will stay organised and connected.

Microsoft 365 is available for download and use until you graduate, giving you full access to the tools to succeed.


You get unlimited on-demand access to over 7,700,000 e-journals and reading materials from our collection of prescribed online databases across all subject areas from highly credible researchers.

With all the major database tools available, access to databases from medical, scientific publishing, academic journals, technology, world social science, and many more gives you immediate access to the authoritative source of new knowledge by top researchers in their fields.

To find articles, you can perform literature searches for assignments or journal club discussions using skill-based search terms. Make full use of your access to diversify your perspective or provoke deep thinking.


Learning Management System (LMS) – Blackboard is a web-based virtual learning environment and learning management system.

Centred on student achievement, Blackboard Learn or Blackboard Ultra is widely used by almost 35 million students, academics and administrators worldwide. It allows you to keep track of your assignments and progress.

You can submit your assignments electronically, create e-portfolios and easily access documents and videos. You may take tests and quizzes online. Blackboard also lets you complete your courses and activities offline.


WiFi 6 is the next-generation standard in WiFi technology. It is faster due to technologies like traffic prioritisation, OFDMA and beamforming. WiFi 6 also takes advantage of the newer 6GHz frequency band for further improved connectivity.

You will get a faster transfer rate without latency issues, wider connectivity, and faster speeds for working on applications, software, or any SaaS. WiFi 6 can be quicker and more reliable, with better connectivity and range.


We partner with the global leaders in online content, Udemy, Google and Microsoft, giving you FREE access to more than 200,000 online courses in over 65 languages, taught by more than 40,000 expert instructors

Usually available only on a pay-by-course policy, these courses can go as high as USD199.99 per course. There are courses on accounting, business, finance, IT, software, design, marketing, lifestyle, photography, video, health, fitness, music and many more.

In technology, where careers are changing constantly and rapidly, the importance of learning diversified skill sets is more pronounced than ever. Globally, employers look to candidates with a broad range of mastery and who are capable of multiple intelligences. Diversify your learning with these online courses. You have only everything to gain.


One billion students worldwide have experienced hybrid learning since 2020, while 95% of students have indicated that web-based learning is more effective, many have also expressed difficulties in keeping their focus.

On top of a complete software and hardware infrastructure upgrade which includes dedicated recording/streaming studios, we included intensive trainings and acquiring new teaching talents across the group in making hybrid learning more effective and engaging. 

Students regardless of their location can enjoy a seamless learning experience comparable with students on campus including attending lectures, sitting for exams in real-time, access course materials and recordings. With these technologies, you can even attend lectures delivered by star lecturers from another SEGi campus in real-time!


Global cybercrime has increased 600% since the pandemic exposing students to an unprecedented risk of cyberattacks. Our cybersecurity strengthening efforts are designed to facilitate advanced hybrid and cloud-based education.

Our strengthen cybersecurity will drastically reduce your risk in data breaches, extortion malware, ransomware and phishing attacks across our digital platforms and networks – keeping your data safe and learning secure.


The Pandemic created an unprecedented demand for examinations and assessments to be done seamlessly from remote locations catering to border closures, medical absenteeism, and other circumstances.

This innovative Ai online proctoring technology creates a validated, secure, and private digital environment for you to sit for your exams anywhere with an internet connection all while keeping the integrity of the examination intact.