Introducing the new student lounge

In its determination to place itself on par with the existing Education institutions, SEGi College Sarawak focuses on improving infrastructure facilities for its students with the opening of a new student lounge.

This new student lounge is located on the 2nd floor of the SEGi College Sarawak main campus building, which is next to the library. It had been fully operational in November 2020. The student lounge is designed with a conducive, relaxed, and elegant atmosphere to provide a comfortable place for students.

Apart from offering a conducive, relaxed, and elegant atmosphere, the student lounge is also equipped with discussion tables and chairs, sofa, bean bag corner, computer charging station, television, storybooks, newspapers, board games and a water dispenser. It is open to all students for discussion, studying, and relaxing between classes. At the same time improving student’s performance and interest as well as alleviate students’ stress. SEGi College Sarawak student lounge is also equipped with free Wi-Fi access to make it easier for students to access the information or online platform for their learning purposes.

The ultimate goal is to the serve student lounge as a space devoted to creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking among students.

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