Bid farewell 2020: the most pathetic year???

Well, what a year 2020 has been. From a global pandemic, change of government, online learning, work from home, and seem-endless extension of CMCO/RMCO, I guess there is no better word to describe 2020 than ‘unpredictable’.

Why did I say so? 2020 started with full of hope. It is the year of ‘Wawasan 2020’ and ‘Metal Rat’ in Chinese horoscope. Chinese believe that the year of Rat gives us new opportunities to find true love and earn more money. But in 2020, we experienced life-altering and catastrophic events. Quarantine, social-distancing and ‘Zoom parties’ have become part of our new life.

Are we ready for 2021? The Director General of our Ministry of Health, Tan Sri Noor Hisham, mentioned that 2021 may not be better than 2020. The worst is yet to come. Everyone is ready for this year to be over—but turning to a new page on the calendar won’t magically erase all of the hardship that 2020 has brought. The key to making 2021 a better year is going into it with the right mindset.

SEGi College Sarawak is ready to serve the students better in 2021. With our MyQuest 6 Stars commitment, we continue to ensure teaching and learning is not affected no matter what is the external environment that is out of our control. We have done in-campus improvement to provide tip-top facilities and learning environment for students when they return to college. We have also improved our services, teaching and assessments to move towards digitalization.

2020 is the most special year for us, but is definitely not the most pathetic year. We learned new things like no other and we moved much faster than we initially planned. Let us thank what 2020 has taught us and embrace another ‘unpredictable’ 2021.

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