#SEGixIndustry – Shopee Malaysia

The students of the Business Faculty of SEGi College Sarawak’s will be working with Shopee over the next few months to start up a business via an e-commerce platform.

As part of our strategy to ‘Bring Industry into the Classroom’ (#SEGixIndustry), we have partnered with Shopee to mentor our students in start-up norms. Hand in hand with the industry, this exciting project will showcase students’ ideas and creativity in selling a particular product to the market post-pandemic.

The mission of SEGixIndustry is to stimulate our student’s experience through collaboration with industry to enhance the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and industry experiences. This is important to support our students to access the knowledge, skills, networks and resources to turn their ideas into successful creations.

SegiXShopee continues to curb the challenges of the pandemic as it provides training opportunities and supports youth start-ups.  The participants in this collaboration are our Diploma in Business Management and Diploma in Human Resources students. In this collaboration, the students have been assigned to start up a business on Shopee.

This endeavour aims to provide an opportunity for our students to experience themselves as the seller. They will also be trained on how to use the platform by Shopee officers. Through this workshop, the students can develop interpersonal and digital skills and the ability to generate income.

This collaboration on the platform will also allow them to generate income. We look forward to more collaborations such as this with industry in order to increase our students’ exposure in the business world.

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