Beyond the lecture hall: a field trip to Borneo Culture Museum Sarawak

An academic visit to the Borneo Culture Museum Sarawak opened our students’ eyes when they experienced learning beyond the lecture hall.  A group of fifteen students under the cross-cultural Psychology course, together with their lecturer, Ms Fiona Kunang, enjoyed their class time in the museum while gathering information about cultural diversity in terms of people, and nature in Sarawak.

This visit aimed to expose students to cultural diversity in Sarawak and to give non-local students the opportunity to learn more about the people, culture, nature, and heritage of Sarawak and Borneo, and to have an appreciation of cultural diversity as a criteria of their learning outcomes.

As the students entered the museum, they were awed by its magnificence. It incorporated all the many important facts and history of each culture in Sarawak, from its ancient historical eras through Sarawak’s establishment to the diverse traditional garments, ancient tools, traditional farming instruments, artefacts, old relics, and jewelry.

The students were astounded to see just how much creativity existed in the past, and had an eye-opening experience outside the four walls of the lecture hall.

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