SEGi College Sarawak sends medical students on clinical placements

By Ms Candy Chong, Programme Leader, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

In August 2022, a batch of Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology students completed their clinical placements at the Sarawak General Hospital Pathology Department and Borneo Medical Centre Kuching, respectively. The students were given a week to prepare for their objective-structured practical examination (OSPE) after finishing their placements in the hospital. These examinations test each student’s theoretical and practical understanding level in each area.

In order to become qualified medical-laboratory technologists, clinical placement is compulsory for all Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) students in their third year of study. At SEGi College Sarawak, students are assigned to government and private hospitals and laboratories for their clinical placements. The areas covered during these placements include microbiology, haematology, histopathology, cytology, immunohematology, the blood bank, parasitology and clinical biochemistry.

The supervisors from both hospitals provided feedback that the students were proactive in their tasks, asked many questions, gained many necessary skills, and boosted their confidence. They kept positive attitudes, enhanced their technical skills, and learned to communicate effectively and work in teams with colleagues in the laboratory.

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