The future of Malaysia through English at SEGi

By Ms Loh Kim Foong, Lecturer, Faculty of Education & Social Science

English is the primary language in every single domain imaginable, and it is unarguably the most important language in the world.

In Malaysia, English is more than a language. It is a talent and a tool that carries the necessary sensible and sensitive connotations and attitudes to make the most of life.

At SEGi College, we provide all our students in all our programmes with the study of General English and Academic English. Through these courses, they can further learn the intricacies of this language and consolidate what they had previously learned in high school. All subjects taught at SEGi are in English, except for the language subject of Bahasa Malaysia.

“Robust English communication skills can open doors”, stated Florence Tan, a Malaysian engineer working for NASA. “People don’t think English is important, but this is what you use to express your ideas and get credit for your work,” she told The Star in an exclusive interview. And so it is that Segi students are very much aware that mastering English is one of the essential skills they need to help them negotiate their future successes.

At SEGi we celebrate the fact that there is no escape from English in this 21st Century.

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