Dutch Lady Malaysia brings industry into SEGi classrooms

By Ms Shirllyn Thubbary Anak Dalang, Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Accounting

SEGI University and Colleges, in collaboration with Dutch Lady Milk Industries Bhd (Dutch Lady Malaysia), has organised a research study in marketing involving two hundred students from the Faculty of Business and Accounting.

The research project will enable students to conduct research to analyse marketing strategies and develop the ability to apply information from the syllabus. This course aims to enhance the students’ knowledge in marketing through marketing tools such as Google Trends.

It will also help the students understand the purpose and structure of a Dutch Lady’s milk powders marketing plan. The collaboration of SEGi, Google, and Dutch Lady Malaysia has the potential to change the way SEGi students think and develop themselves as marketers and entrepreneurs. Our institution educates business students to think like entrepreneurs, and all the opportunities available will help them build their marketing strategy and critical-thinking skills.

This course can positively impact the world of education by exposing students to various marketing media and helping them think about mixing the media into a coherent marketing strategy. The students can develop many marketing activities and discuss strategies with peers to achieve the objectives.

SEGi is proud to partner with Dutch Lady to bring the best quality education to our students by bringing industry into our classrooms.

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