SEGi College Sarawak impresses visitors with new ideas at BIMP-EAGA TVET Conference!

At the highly regarded 3rd BIMP-EAGA TVET Conference, SEGi College Sarawak showed its dedication to greatness and new ideas. The event was held at the well-known Pullman Hotel. It brought together key TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) stakeholders from the BIMP-EAGA area. 

The Ministry of Education, Innovation and Talent Development Sarawak (MEITD), BIMP-Baga, and the Sarawak Skills Development Centre (PPKS) organised the event, and the theme was “TVET to Drive Innovation and Talent Development.” For two days, the attendees talked about four important sub-themes: innovation and technology, human resource management and the way forward, green TVET, and strengthening partnerships between BIMP-EAGA TVET and higher education institutions (HEIs). The theme of the meeting couldn’t have been better timed since digital transformation is changing job markets all the time. 

A recent study by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and LinkedIn has revealed eye-opening statistics showcasing the escalating demand for digital skills in today’s rapidly changing workplace. According to the study, 87% of BIMP-EAGA companies actively seek professionals with digital design, data analytics, data science, machine learning, and programming skills.  

Furthermore, the study indicates that these digital skill sets are expected to see a 38% growth in demand over the next three years. This highlights the critical importance for institutions like SEGi College Sarawak to equip their students with cutting-edge expertise in these fields to meet the evolving needs of industries and ensure graduates’ success in the job market. 

At the conference, SEGi College Sarawak was represented by a group of well-known professors from different schools which include Aloren Lewis Lias and Shirllyn Tubbary from the Faculty of Business and Accounting, Sathiswaran A/L Sathiasegaran and Hetty Susilawati Binti Asmuni from the Faculty of Law, and Gregory from Faculty of Hospitality and Bong Hee Chun from the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences. Their involvement added to the discussions about how TVET is changing and how important it is for preparing graduates for a world where technology is changing quickly and industries are constantly changing. 

The conference made it easier for people to share their knowledge. It gave SEGi College Sarawak important chances to connect with other educators, business experts, and government officials and build partnerships with them. These partnerships have a lot of promise to improve SEGi’s TVET programmes and make sure they meet current and future industry needs. So, SEGi grads will have the skills they need to help Sarawak reach its goal of becoming a prosperous society driven by data and new ideas by 2030.

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