SEGians spark creativity and inspire innovation

At the BiC Borneo Illustration and Creative Festival, the talented students of Diploma in Creative Multimedia at SEGi College Sarawak went on a trip they will never forget into the world of art. This exciting field trip took place at the prestigious La Promenade Mall in Samarahan, Sarawak. It allowed students to dive into the fascinating world of local Sarawak painters and sculptors. 

When the students walked into the lively exhibition hall, they saw a stunning collection of paintings and sculptures by skilled local artists. The bright colours, intricate details, and thought-provoking compositions immediately caught their eyes and got their creative juices flowing. This allowed the students to see the artworks for themselves and see how creative and important to culture Sarawak’s art community is. 

The festival wasn’t just a show for the students to watch; it was also a chance for them to learn by doing. With the help of skilled teachers, aspiring artists tried different kinds of art and got better at painting and sculpting. The students learned about the practical parts of making art, from using brushes and paints to shaping clay and making sculptures. They better understood the skill it takes to bring art to life. 

Art is a way to tell a story, and during this exciting trip, the students had the chance to talk with the artists who were showing their work. Through meaningful interactions, the students learned about the stories, feelings, and ideas that the artists were thinking about when they made their art. These conversations helped them improve at critical thinking and analysis, leading them to look for different points of view in each piece of art. 

The festival also gave students and artists a place to discuss important things. This sharing of ideas made it easy for people to ask questions, get advice, and discuss their ideas and interpretations. Students who participated in these dialogues learned more and improved their communication and social skills, which gave them the confidence to share their artistic visions. 

Creativity is a powerful force that helps people develop new ideas and express themselves. This field trip taught us a lot about how creativity works. When the students saw how hard the local artists worked to make their ideas come to life, they wanted to explore their creative potential. The experience helped them find new ways to express themselves and encouraged them to think outside the box. 

The festival organisers wanted to thank the students for their hard work and get them involved, so they let them show their paintings alongside those of well-known local artists. This gave the students more confidence and made them proud of their work. The public showing their art made them feel good about their skills and encouraged them to keep making art. 

The BiC Borneo Illustration and Creative Festival was a unique and life-changing event for the SEGi College Sarawak students who went. Through this journey, they learned more than just art skills; they also improved their creativity, critical thinking, communication skills, and ability to express themselves. When the students returned to their classrooms, they had a new appreciation for the power of art and how their imaginations could take them anywhere. 

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