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SEGi College Sarawak offers quality diploma and degree programmes which will enhance young people’s knowledge, skills and marketability, and maximise their potential for future success. SEGi College Sarawak also provides immersion programmes to assist school-leavers in their exploration of various subject fields.  

Recently, lecturers from the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (FOMNHS) held an open day to for potential students, including activities to introduce them the importance of the allied health programmes.  All the activities were based on the diploma programmes under the Faculty, including human-anatomical-structure exploration, microscopic examination of human body cells and tissues, bacterial staining and observation, blood-group identification, body-mass-index (BMI) calculation, blood pressure measurement for hypertension awareness, and workplace safety equipment and tool demonstration. 

All these activities were designed to create interest and provide insights for the prospective students about the allied health programmes. They were also given the chance to participate in hands-on experiments, with the lecturers giving feedback. 

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