Life after SPM

Life is truly full of hopes and surprises (both good and not-so-good ones). Remember when you’d just entered secondary school when everything was new, different and exciting? You went from being the seniors of the school to the being the juniors again. For a while it was fun, and then the dread of the final year of Form Five SPM started to creep in on you. Years and years of preparation for that one all-important exam.

Who would’ve thought then that you would be facing your exams in the middle of a relentless world pandemic. Surprise, surprise, but now here you are! Congratulations, you’ve done it, and under no normal circumstances either! You conquered those exams in the midst of a faceless worldwide enemy in never-before-seen school and study settings. So double congratulations are due!

So what happens now? Well, we at SEGi College Sarawak have a few ideas for you while you continue on your surprising but potentially wonderful and successful journey into adult life.

1 Make New Friends

Most teenagers socialise in very tight circles of classmates and schoolmates, tuition mates and neighbours, and extended family or friends of family. Now that you have time, go ahead and come out of your shell and make new friends. Expand your social network by joining clubs, taking up group sports, and thus widen your horizons. This will allow you to practise your social and people skills, and prepare you for the adult working world where you will most probably meet people from all walks of life and also from many parts of the world.

2 Equip Yourself with Basic Life Skills

If it’s at all a viable option for you and your family, take up driving lessons and sit for the driving test and be the proud owner or a valid driver’s licence. Some people do this before their SPM exams, and some others don’t feel the need to do it till they’re well into their twenties. But this is an important life skill, especially in future unforeseen emergencies.

If you don’t think you’re too good with computers, take up computer lessons. In this era when information technology rules the world, no one can afford to be left behind. So get yourself some solid basic computing skills to prepare for your future.

3 Do What You Love

Almost everyone has something they love to do. It could be reading, playing music, creating art and crafts, joining community groups, stepping up your gaming prowess, or adopting a pet. Now that you’ve got some free time (before college and university life calls you), go ahead and give yourself the treat of enjoying these things without worry or distraction. Who knows, you might want to make your passion your career!

4 Get in Touch with Your Inner Self and Reflect on Your Future

Now that you’ve got time on your hands, think about your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes. Chances are that the career best suited to you lies in your heart. Naturally, we don’t want to pursue an education in a field we dislike or where we find things too hard to comprehend. Write down a list of job possibilities that you might imagine yourself in. You may think you’d like to be a brilliant lawyer, a meticulous accountant, a wonderful teacher, a marketing wizard, a charismatic social-media influencer, a respected business owner, a great chef, a trusted expert in safety and health, an empathetic counsellor. These are all possibilities!

5 Find the Best Programme For You

At SEGi College Sarawak we have all these programmes in all these industries and more, from foundational studies to Master’s degrees, to take you on your exciting journey towards that career of your choice. If you’re still unsure of where your future lies, don’t worry. Come and talk to us and we’ll help you figure it all out!

Call us at SEGi College Sarawak today and discover the amazing things that lie in store for you in your future!

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