Student Representative Council (SRC) Installation Ceremony

Installation ceremonies are the bread and butter of college and university clubs and societies, SEGi College Sarawak is no different. On Friday 26 March 2021, we held our very first joint installation ceremony for the new Student Representative Council (SRC) Committee of 2021 and all our other clubs and faculty societies such as the SEGi Law Society (SLS), the Culture Club and the Music and Dance Club (MAD Club). Under the leadership of the newly installed President of SRC, Ivan Alexander Ong and his committee members, SRC 2021 will surely persevere and push forth many exciting activities under the new norm, including both virtual and physical events and activities. There is no doubt that all the new committees from the other clubs and societies will continue to uphold the good name of SEGi College Sarawak and continue to reach new heights with a passionate flare for fresh ideas and innovation under the new normal.


Student Representative Council 2021


President:                              Ivan Alexander Ong

Vice President:     David Christopher Smith

Secretary:                              Dexter Toh Hong Chang

Vice Secretary:     Kendra Tay Yi Qing

Treasurer:                             Loo Wan Ting


D.O. Public Relations & Marketing: Akbota Mukatayeva

D.O. Public Relations & Marketing:  Cornellius Hii Lu Zhun

D.O. Media & Publicity:                      Warrence Leang How Kit

D.O. Media & Publicity:                      Darrel Yeo Yuen Xiang

D.O. Recreation & Sports:                  Heu Ken Hee

D.O. Recreation & Sports:                  Liew Shan Ping

D.O. Student Welfare:                        Muadz Khan Bin Kamarulzaman Khan

D.O. Student Welfare:                        Wilfred Tan Chun Hung

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