From Knowledge to Experience: DIMC Students’ Immersion in the Broadcasting Industry

In the ever-changing landscape of media and communication, Diploma in Mass Communication (DIMC) students recently had a remarkable opportunity. They had the privilege of meeting industry leaders,  Mohd Dzulfrizal , CEO of TV Sarawak (TVS), and Sarbini , Executive Director of Sarawak Media Group (SMG). This unique encounter offered these students a firsthand look into the complexities of the broadcasting industry, including the essential qualities graduates need, the fundamentals of successful leadership, and the core values that drive achievements in this dynamic field.

Recently, a remarkable engagement took place within the academic realm, transcending the boundaries of traditional education. It was not a mere visit; instead, it offered Diploma in Mass Communication (DIMC) students an unparalleled opportunity to step beyond textbooks and delve into the practical dynamics of the media and broadcasting industry.

DIMC students, poised at the threshold of their media careers, received a comprehensive view of the broadcasting sector that extended far beyond technical intricacies. They were enlightened about the multifaceted dimensions defining the industry’s contours through the insights of seasoned industry professionals. These experts not only outlined the expectations and fundamental prerequisites for success in broadcasting but also emphasized the essential values of integrity, passion, and character as the foundation of a prosperous career.

Integrity, as a cornerstone of ethical conduct, ensures trust-building within the industry. Passion, the intrinsic driving force, propels individuals to reach for excellence. Character, encompassing a mosaic of values, functions as a moral compass guiding ethical decisions and interactions.

Furthermore, the session explored leadership management intricacies in the fast-paced broadcasting sector. Traits such as adaptability, continuous learning, and effective collaboration were highlighted as imperative in this industry. DIMC students gained valuable insights into qualities that empower both organizations and individual professional growth.

The discourse extended beyond industry specifics, emphasizing the significance of cultivating habits that transcend disciplinary boundaries, particularly reading and writing. These habits foster cognitive expansion, enhance language fluency, and refine content analytical skills—values seamlessly aligned with the DIMC curriculum, which emphasizes critical thinking and effective communication.

In a world where theoretical knowledge often remains superficial, this visit marked a pivotal moment for DIMC students. Armed with insights from seasoned figures, they emerge as active participants in their educational journey. The guidance of industry stalwarts, combined with the values instilled within the DIMC program, illuminates the path for these aspiring media professionals as they step into a realm brimming with potential.


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