SEGi College Sarawak serves up a culinary extravaganza with Hilton Kuching Chefs

SEGi College Sarawak recently welcomed the talented Chef Nazrin and Chef Gan from Hilton Kuching to share their culinary expertise with students in a delightful culinary collaboration. This delectable event tickled taste buds and ignited culinary passions, leaving students hungry for more. 

The renowned chefs took students on a gastronomic journey, unravelling the secrets of creating delectable dishes. From essential cooking tricks to exploring spices and herbs worldwide, students were treated to an educational feast for the senses. 

One of the event’s highlights was the students’ opportunity to taste various delicious dishes prepared by the skilled chefs. It was a flavorful experience that expanded their palates and showcased the magic of well-balanced flavours and culinary craftsmanship. 

Chef Nazrin and Chef Gan, accomplished in their culinary careers, shared inspiring anecdotes of their culinary journeys, emphasising the importance of pursuing one’s passions. Their stories served as a source of motivation, encouraging students to chase their culinary dreams with dedication and enthusiasm. 

Beyond tasting and listening, students could become culinary artists themselves. They actively participated by arranging food on plates, applying their artistic skills and incorporating the techniques they learned from the chefs. This hands-on experience allowed them to infuse their unique styles into the dishes, elevating both the presentation and taste. 

The event was more than just a cooking demonstration; it was a platform for students to explore new horizons, acquire valuable kitchen tricks, and find inspiration to follow their passions. SEGi College Sarawak, in collaboration with Hilton Kuching’s esteemed chefs, ensured that everyone left with satisfied taste buds and a deep hunger to delve further into the world of culinary arts. 

This culinary collaboration was a recipe for success, stirring inspiration and culinary aspirations among the students. SEGi College Sarawak continues to provide opportunities beyond the classroom, enriching the educational experience and fostering a passion for lifelong learning.  

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