E-Commerce Expedition, When Tradition meets Tech

SEGi College Sarawak’s Faculty of Communication, Design and Information Technology (FOCADIT) orchestrated a groundbreaking event, the “e-Commerce Walk & Survey,” on 1 April 2024. This pioneering initiative, tailored for students enrolled in the Diploma in Information Technology programme, epitomises SEGi’s commitment to bridging theory with real-world insights.

Led by esteemed lecturers Vincent Sajem and Colin Khoo, 16 enthusiastic students embarked on a journey through Kuching’s historic Main Bazaar to the bustling India Street. Divided into two groups, each under the expert guidance of a lecturer, the students delved deep into the integration of e-commerce technologies within traditional marketplaces.

This immersive experience provided a firsthand understanding of the symbiotic relationship between online innovation and offline commerce. As digital landscapes evolve, SEGi recognizes the imperative for students to grasp the intricacies of blending traditional and e-commerce practices. The event facilitated critical thinking and data collection, empowering students to analyse how digital solutions enhance customer engagement and drive growth in brick-and-mortar businesses.

The personalised attention and mentorship ensured by Vincent Sajem and Colin Khoo fostered rich discussions and collaborative learning. Students emerged not only with academic knowledge but also practical insights into reshaping commerce in a technology-driven era. This experience positions them as future leaders in the digital commerce landscape, equipped with the expertise to innovate and thrive.

The success of the e-Commerce Walk & Survey underscores SEGi’s dedication to holistic education, integrating hands-on experiences with rigorous academic training. It exemplifies SEGi’s reputation for nurturing industry-ready graduates, poised to make meaningful contributions in an ever-evolving marketplace. As SEGi continues to champion innovation and excellence, initiatives like these reaffirm its position as a leading institution in Malaysia’s education landscape.

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