SEGi College Sarawak’s Ramadan Tradition: Spreading Joy and Unity Through Bubur Lambuk

SEGi College Sarawak’s commitment to community engagement shone brightly once again as they continued their revered tradition of distributing bubur lambuk during the holy month of Ramadan. On the bustling Thursday of 28 March 2024, the entrance of Plaza Merdeka witnessed the heartwarming sight of students and lecturers coming together to share this beloved rice porridge with the local community. Bubur lambuk, with its rich flavors and comforting texture, holds a special place in the hearts of many, serving as a reminder of unity and compassion during Ramadan. 

Behind the scenes, the Culinary Arts program at SEGi College Sarawak played a pivotal role in preparing this delightful delicacy. Under the guidance of dedicated lecturer Mohd Fadlillah, alongside his thirteen diligent student assistants, 400 containers of bubur lambuk were meticulously crafted. Each batch was infused with care and expertise, ensuring that every serving carried the essence of SEGi’s commitment to culinary excellence and community service. 

The distribution event saw active participation from students and lecturers from various programs, including Mass Communication, Culinary Arts, and the Student Representative Council. This diverse involvement embodies SEGi’s ethos of collaboration and inclusivity, highlighting the institution’s dedication to fostering unity among its members and the broader community. Through this collective effort, SEGi reaffirmed its role as a catalyst for positive change and social responsibility in Sarawak. 

As the aroma of bubur lambuk filled the air and smiles lit up faces, the true spirit of Ramadan – generosity, compassion, and togetherness – was palpable. SEGi College Sarawak’s tradition of sharing joy during this sacred month exemplifies the institution’s unwavering dedication to serving not only as an academic institution but also as a pillar of support and solidarity within the community. 


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