Best lecturer award – Mr. Colin Khoo

Mr. Colin Khoo, the senior lecturer from the Faculty of Business, Accountancy and IT, is making a mark in his teaching life and has been selected by students as the Best Lecturer of the year.

Mr. Colin Khoo, The Senior Lecturer from the Faculty of Business, Accountancy and IT

Mr. Colin started his career as a lecturer in Informatic College in 1991 which is soon after the end of his last semester as a student. Since then, he has worked diligently to deliver his knowledge to his students. He then joined SEGi College Sarawak in the year 2007 as a part-time lecturer.

In the year 2019, Mr. Colin also received the Long Service Award for investing his time and efforts in fostering a nurturing and supportive learning environment for SEGi students. Adding to his pride, he said, it is his biggest pride in seeing his students graduate and get a job successfully. He has educated a generation of students in information technology, and those students cite his guidance for their success in their careers. Some of them were then become his colleagues in the education field.

He also serves as the advisor for Tech Club, which was then known as Aspiring Entrepreneurs Club. Today, he still stays connected with SEGi’s alumni by holding an annual reunion and paying a visit at their workplace occasionally.

In addition to his full-time duties in delivering lectures, Mr. Colin also concerns about his students’ personal growth and always lends his ears to his students when they need it. He has demonstrated incredible patience in listening non-judgmentally to the students and advised them on how to resolve the problems. “I have students with different personalities. Some of their behaviours might not be desirable, but there are reasons behind their attitudes. Therefore, we have to really listen to them.”

“Never give up and continue to progress.” Said Mr. Colin, “Just like what I told my students on the first day of their lesson, we are problem solvers. So, please keep on trying and don’t be afraid.” Undoubtedly, his dedication and passion in education, as well as his unique personal characteristics to connect with students set him apart from other candidates.

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