Academic Excellence Award 2019/2020

More than 120 students from SEGi College Sarawak were recognized for their exceptional achievement in the academic year 2020.

Although Academic Excellence Award Ceremony was forced to be cancelled in accordance with the government’s preventive measures in this pandemic situation, it does not stop the college from recognizing and congratulating students who excel in their academic performance. Certificates and prizes were presented to students who received the Academic Excellence Award and Principal Award. There are a total of 134 students receiving the Academic Excellence Award this year, which they achieved GPA of 3.5 and above. Whereas 32 students achieved flying colours with GPA of 4.0 receiving the Principal Award.

Two lecturers from SEGi College Sarawak were awarded the Best Lecturer award in the academic session 2019/2020. The two lecturers are selected based on two criteria – teaching evaluation and peer evaluation. Ms. Christine Rika from the Faculty of Allied Health, and Mr. Colin Khoo from the Faculty of Business, Accountancy, and IT, were named for this honourable award for their pre-eminent performance and dedication in cultivating quality students.

For the past decades, SEGi College Sarawak has been focusing on nurturing quality graduates by giving attention to creating exceptional student experience and enhancing teaching excellence. We take huge pride in students as well as lecturers who received their awards this year, and we hope it would inspire the other SEGians to continue to strive for excellence and be the catalyst for community development.

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