Sustainability in action – SEGi’s ‘Planting with Unity’ initiative 

A group of dedicated SEGi students have embarked on an extraordinary co-curriculum management project called “Planting with Unity.” Going beyond the typical co-curriculum exercise, this event allows students to apply their academic knowledge to a real-world issue, making a significant impact in their community. 

The “Planting with Unity” aims to achieve two important objectives: raising awareness about environmental protection and fostering unity and teamwork among students. The picturesque Leader Garden Tanjung Bungah has been carefully chosen as the event site, perfectly aligning with the nature-themed project. 

The organising team consists of six vibrant students, comprising two members from the Diploma in Early Childhood programme and four from the Diploma in Psychology programme. Despite their diverse academic backgrounds, these students share a common vision and enthusiasm for environmental conservation, which sparked the idea for this event. 

The main attendees of the event will be friends of the organizing crew. Their active participation not only aids in the smooth execution of the event but also cultivates a sense of unity, shared responsibility, and heightened environmental consciousness among the larger student body. Ten flower plants will be planted during the event, symbolising harmony, development, and the collective duty to care for and protect the environment. 

“Planting with Unity” serves as a powerful representation of the organisers’ vision to promote unity and environmental awareness. It is expected that attendees, predominantly friends of the organizing team, will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of teamwork in creating a more sustainable and greener world. 

The “Planting with Unity” project transcends the boundaries of a typical co-curricular activity. It exemplifies how students can leverage their education and moral principles to make a positive impact on their communities. Above all, this event showcases SEGi’s commitment to instilling values of solidarity, collaboration, and unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability in its students. 

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