Behind the Marketing of League of Legends Wild Rift (FREE LIVE WEBINAR)

Ever wonder how League of Legends Wild Rift do their marketing plans? How it can reach out to the world even before the launching of the game? Let us ask these questions to Mr Nelson during the show as he will be sharing about the secrets behind the Marketing of League of Legends Wild Rift....

From A Young Talent to Another: Our Samsung Chapter (FREE LIVE Webinar)

Ever wonder how it is like to work in Samsung? Join us in this talk with Samsung Representatives to know the answer to it! Miss Nur Rashidah Binti Zainal (HR Strategy Analyst) Diane Gan (Management Associate) Time: 11th August 2021 (8p.m) Platform: SEGi College Penang FB Page and SEGi College Penang Youtube Channel Registration link:

SEGi College Orientation Day (16th & 21st August 2021)

Warm Greetings from SEGi College Penang!!! To all the new students, welcome to SEGi and we hope you will have a good and wonderful journey with us. As for the returning students, welcome back and let’s start a new semester with a bang!! There will be 2 days of Orientation, on the 16th and 21st...
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