SEGi’s psychology students illuminate dementia challenges

SEGi’s Diploma in Psychology students recently had the privilege of participating in a heartwarming event that aimed to bridge the generation gap while raising awareness about dementia. On 4 November 2023, our students joined the Memory Café event hosted by D’Home Mental Health Association in Penang.

Under the guidance of Chen Li Li, the founder of Health Happiness Network, the students participated in a candle holders painting session with seniors coping with dementia. This intergenerational gathering provided a unique opportunity for our students to connect and interact with the elderly in a meaningful way.

During the event, students also organised a puzzle-solving game and a round of Jenga for the seniors. This not only brought joy and laughter to the participants but also allowed our students to witness firsthand the challenges faced by seniors with dementia in tasks requiring problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

By applying the concepts and theories they had learned in their Cognitive Psychology lessons, our students gained a deeper understanding of the cognitive difficulties experienced by seniors with dementia. This real-life experience further enhanced their learning and helped them develop empathy towards the elderly community.

In addition, this event served as a stepping stone for our students to establish a connection with the Penang Dementia Association, a prominent local non-profit organisation dedicated to providing essential care and social welfare services to those in need. Through their involvement in the Memory Café event, our students not only enriched their own education but also made a positive contribution to the community.

This inspiring event highlights SEGi’s commitment to nurturing compassionate and well-rounded professionals who not only excel academically but also actively engage with the community. By fostering empathy and understanding of the challenges faced by seniors with dementia, SEGi’s Diploma in Psychology programme equips students with vital skills to make a difference in the lives of others.

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