SEGi’s Elite Biz Club unleashes fun and business fusion event

SEGi’s Faculty of Business, Accounting, and Law (FoBAL) witnessed an extraordinary event that showcased the perfect blend of fun and business. The Elite Biz Club (EBC) organised the “Where Fun Meets Business: Fun Connection with Business Students” gathering, creating an unforgettable experience for students across various levels of the programme. 

The event kicked off with a series of icebreaker activities that filled the venue with infectious laughter and excitement. Students, hailing from diverse backgrounds and academic programmes, quickly embraced the opportunity to break down barriers and engage in meaningful conversations. Driven by a shared vision of fostering a strong sense of community within FoBAL, 30 students and 7 lecturers came together under the expert guidance of Dr. Balu Ramoo, the event’s organiser. 

At its heart, this event served as a platform for networking, enabling students to connect with their peers in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. The atmosphere buzzed with enthusiasm as participants eagerly exchanged contact information and explored potential collaborations. Notably, the event also fostered strong relationships between lecturers and students from various programmes within the faculty, further enhancing the sense of unity. 

By 4:00 PM, it was evident that the “Fun Connection with Business Students” event had exceeded all expectations. Participants left with not only new friendships but also a wealth of insights and valuable connections that could shape their future careers. This gathering showcased that education encompasses more than just acquiring knowledge; it emphasises building networks, forging relationships, and embarking on collaborative journeys of growth. 

SEGi continues to be at the forefront of providing enriching experiences for its students.

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