Students illuminate holistic health, inspiring well-being at SEGi

SEGi was the stage for an enlightening and engaging holistic health programme orchestrated by the Diploma in Psychology students on 5 November 2023. This event served as a platform to showcase the importance of holistic health by incorporating different aspects of well-being and offering practical strategies to enhance health through simple lifestyle adjustments.

The programme centred around three key themes that revolved around health: Healthy Oat-Based Breakfast, Yoga in Daily Life, and Healthy Fruity Snacks. These themes explored the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit, aimed to promote balance and harmony within oneself and the surrounding environment. Attendees were provided with invaluable insights into nurturing physical, mental, and emotional health, while also acknowledging the role of spirituality in overall well-being.

This event went beyond being a mere awareness initiative; it served as a platform for learning and practical application. Students had the opportunity to implement strategies rooted in Health Psychology and amalgamate these insights with entrepreneurial endeavours to positively impact the wider community. By blending psychological knowledge with the practicality of healthy habits, the programme showcased how small, consistent changes in daily routines can significantly enhance holistic health.

Ultimately, the programme adopted a holistic approach to health and encouraged attendees to recognise and appreciate the intricate interplay between various dimensions of well-being. It not only raised awareness but also empowered individuals to proactively pursue a more balanced and harmonious lifestyle, leading to improved overall health and vitality. SEGi continues to demonstrate its commitment to fostering holistic well-being among its students and the wider community.

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