SEGi teachers get the edge

Acquiring adequate work experience in college gives graduates a considerable edge over those who have never worked before. SEGi College Penang’s Bachelor of Early Years Education programme provides the opportunity for students to do have this advantage over their competitors who are after the same job.

This three-year programme in collaboration with the University of Greenwich. However, those coming with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education qualification will need only two years of study. With either two or three years of workplace experience and two practicum modules, our Bachelor’s in Early Years will gain the desired work experience through the multiple placements they attend. They will also have the added advantage of the soft skills acquired through their placements.

Through workplace experience, students have the chance to work with their placement mentors, with whom they have professional dialogue sessions. These placement mentors are the senior teachers and/or principals of kindergartens. Students will receive feedback on which areas and how they can improve on and how to apply what they learned in their workplace environments.

This leads to establishing and sustaining a culture of cooperation between colleagues and across professional boundaries. The students are also required to work and communicate with their co-workers, management, parents, and children from the placements they chose. As such, the students are able to reflect on the effectiveness of organisational provision, propose appropriate changes, and influence, shape, and support the implementation of policies and practices within each workplace setting.

In addition to having workplace-experience modules, students will also complete the two practical teaching modules which focus on childcare centres and preschools, which include many project-based assignments linked to each placement. SEGi College also organises webinars and career talks which provide opportunities within this wide industry. This inclusive curriculum in our Bachelor’s in Early Years programme gives our graduates that much-needed edge over their competitors to secure better employment.

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