Moving forward into the video age

Today, digital video is highly common among businesses. It will most likely be used to revolutionize the way businesses teach their personnel. Over 2.6 billion people use YouTube every month, according to Statista 2022. YouTube is thought to be one of Malaysia’s most popular social media sites. Many studies have indicated that youths are the most active social-media users in Malaysia and around the world.

Is Digital Video Practical?

In today’s highly competitive world, many companies are discovering that videos are a must-have. YouTube is used by businesses of all sizes to increase traffic and interest in their products. On their websites, the top ten Fortune 500 corporations indicated using videos. Businesses use YouTube to share information and communicate with their customers. Businesses can use YouTube to highlight their product’s distinctiveness and also monitor the effectiveness of their marketing strategy by interacting with customers through digital platforms.

The YouTube recommender system places digital video content based on video content, thumbnails, audio, titles, descriptions, and other factors, and may effectively forecast users’ video preferences depending on their interests and preferences. The YouTube recommendation system is built on a deep learning algorithm, according to Google’s white paper on Deep Neural Networks for YouTube Recommendations. YouTube has become one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing datasets attributed to this algorithm.

As a result, YouTube marketing has become an important promotional tool for businesses, particularly in terms of raising brand awareness. YouTube began as a digital information and entertainment medium but has since evolved into a significant money generator. YouTube marketing is amusing and thus incredibly engaging, especially for adolescents. The fun and engaging premise of YouTube appealed to marketers seeking to capture the attention of their customers; additionally, the reviews, comments, and recommendations featured in the YouTube link improve customers’ purchase intent. Not only that but many business challenges can also be solved by sharing a YouTube video, such as posting a tutorial on how to utilize your product.

Digital Video in an Educational Environment

To link theory with practice and to provide sufficient practical teaching and learning experience, we make use of digital video in three areas of business studies, namely teaching, learning, and assessment to meet the evolving needs of digitalisation. Through the analysis of video clips of students’ performances in digital-related modules, the technology’s ability to deliver focused feedback on performances was evaluated. This method for incorporating components of assessment for learning into students’ teaching and learning has resulted in an innovative educational idea. To summarise, this ignites an essential goal of continuous assessments to engage students in an educationally fascinating and enjoyable learning experience through the use of digital video content.

The students of at SEGi College Penang’s School of Business and Accounting (SOBA) study subjects such as Business Communication, Applied Digital Skills, and Digital Marketing, among others, which allow them to learn about simple yet adaptable technology. The ability to upskill and involve a large segment of the population is practised here. The heavy use of remote technologies in the educational process has forever transformed the approach to teaching and learning in today’s digital age. On the one hand, digital video’s ability to prepare students for the digital world is a powerful motivator. Lecturers, on the other hand, must acquire the necessary digital skills and investigate the culture of digital technology in education and learning settings to succeed in the integration of digital technology into the field of education.

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