SEGi College Penang’s school of hospitality and tourism learn from the experts

SEGi College Penang’s students from the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management had the opportunity to witness the battle of the internal staff of the Doubletree Hilton Resort Penang in the FnB Masters South East Asia 2022 Competition on 4 October 2022.

This event was an all-inclusive culinary, barista and mixology competition and a rare chance for the students to observe the chefs and baristas in action, showing off their skills and talents in competition with each other.

After the opening speech by the General Manager, Mohana Kumar Muniandy, and also the introduction of the panel of judges, the competition began with the first round of the culinary challenge in the hot cooking category. Four participants from the kitchen team prepared their signature dishes, allowing the students to observe the different ingredients, methods and skills shown by the Chefs and taste the food. Concurrently, the barista challenge was also held on the stage. Two participants from the F&B team took up the challenge with their signature coffee brews.

The second round began after the lunch break, with the culinary challenge, which was also the hot-cooking category for the kitchen team and the mixology challenge for the F&B team. The competition ended at 5.00 pm when the winners were presented with certificates.

The students enjoyed the session not only because of the great food but also because they had the privilege of being exposed to the working styles in the culinary and hotel industry and the opportunity to network with experts from the industry. The event was an excellent eye-opener for these students are Year-1 students, and hopefully has ignited their passion and interest in the industry.

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