SEGi College Penang’s future teachers learn from industry expert

SEGi College Penang’s students in their final year of the Diploma in Early Childhood Education (DECE) were given the opportunity to show their creativity in the ‘Presentation of Innovative Montessori Supplementary Materials’ on 12 July 2022 at Bambini Land, SEGi College Penang.

The aim of this presentation was to provide the students with the opportunity to come up with innovative Montessori supplementary materials and to recognise the different types of activities that can be planned to guide young children in their learning process. During the presentation, the students were divided into four groups, each presenting their ideas based on various Montessori Learning areas such as literacy, mathematics, practical life, and sensory education.

Montessori supplementary materials are hands-on learning tools designed to allow young children to discover key learning outcomes through repetition and practise. Each piece of material teaches one skill at a time and is purposefully designed to encourage independent learning and problem-solving.

Dr Goh Ka Tin, the CEO and Founder of D’Monte Childcare and Development Centre, was invited to evaluate the presentation. She has twenty-five years of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education, with a focus on Montessori educational, and holds a PhD in Management and an EdD (Doctor of Education).

Dr Goh praised the students for their innovative, colourful and attractive ideas which are suitable for enhancing the understanding of young children in the learning process.

SEGi College Penang is privileged to have had Dr Goh’s expertise guiding and inspiring our graduating students to be the best teachers they can be in the very near future.

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