Rapid prototyping demonstration

In this era of industrial revolution 4.0, rapid prototyping is considered as a top-notch manufacturing standard among manufacturing industries. Rapid prototyping is a pre-manufacturing method to conduct research and development based on mechanical properties of materials. In this approach, it is widely implemented in various manufacturing sectors regardless of light duty and heavy duty. According to this, industries are seeking for expertise well versed in rapid prototyping method to venture their respective manufacturing firm .

Through this exposure, students are well exposed to 3-Dimensional Modeling software’s such as Catia V5 and Thinker CAD. These sofware’s plays vital role in engineering design process such as sketching, solid modelling and simulations. Additionally, students also turn well verse about the functionality of the parts and components of 3D Printer such as layer filament that made of PLA material and G-M codes applied to perform the simulation.

[Figure 1: A student is viewing a printed 3-Dimensional solid object.]

On 4th April 2021, Open Day were held at SEGi College Penang. A demonstration session of 3D printing was conducted to exhibit and nurture the concept of rapid prototyping to new students.

[Figure 2: Open Day at SEGi College Penang]

[Figure 3: Student learning about Computer Aided Design method using CatiaV5 Software.]

[Figure 4: Student viewing the rapid prototyping process executed using 3-D Printer machine.]

[Figure 5: Explaining the printed 3-Dimensional solid object.]

In a nutshell, students able to nurture the 3D printing or rapid prototyping to adapt the implementation of Industry 4.0 at their industries. This learning process is essential to upskill engineering students to enhance their engineering skills. Moreover, to ensure engineering graduates from SEGi College Penang able to fulfill the requirement of industrial customers from various industry.


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