Robo-Tech Club – a club for students to grow

Robo-Tech Club (RTC) is a club which has been around for more SIX years now since year 2014, when it was established. We are always actively looking for talents, not only within the Engineering students, but we also welcome students from other courses to join in as well. RTC is a non-profit organization with a mission to spark interest in science and technology as well as create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst students in SEGi College Penang. We will provide training to our club members such as Arduino workshop, hands on Electronics/Mechanical project, C++ programing and etc. Furthermore, we also encourage students to participate in robotic competitions across other states as well. Other than technical skills, our club also extends the opportunity to the club members to learn on soft skills.

We encourage our club members to join certain events that are externally organized such as Penang International Science Fair, Science Discovery Day, and exhibition events in order to allow students to improve on their communication skills with public audience. Students tend to become more confident and competent after participating in the events. During the recruitment week, our club members will take turns to be on duty at SEGi SPACE. During that time, our members will showcase the humanoid robot and allow the new students to have a hands on experience controlling the robot. We hope that we are able to take this opportunity to recruit more interested and potential students to our club. We hope to expand this club to larger heights and at the same time, growing as well as sharing the experience and knowledge along the way with the members.

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