MAMME in action! bringing industry knowledge into the classroom

On 15 April 2022, SEGi College Penang invited Chef Faizul Hazly Ghazali from Mamee to assess our students’ final project on Culinary Skill Development 1 using Mammee’s Korean Daebak products.

Chef Faizul Hazly, appointed as the Head of the Halal Kitchen which operates in compliance with halal standards set by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) at the 2018 Winter Olympics, brings his extensive experience and knowledge to inspire and motivate SEGi students.

The event was held in SEGi College Penang’s mock kitchen, where Chef Faizul demonstrated how to use several Mamee’s new Daebak products such as buttermix, soy garlic sauce, sweet chili sauce, gochujang sauce, teokbooki sauce, bibimbap sauce and bulgogi sauce.

Our Chef Lecturer Chef Danial also taught several lessons to our students where they learnt different skills in preparing meals by using Mammee’s Korean Daebak products. On day of the event, the students demonstrated their skills and creativity in their final project where each student had to produce an original menu by using Mamee’s Korean Daebak products.

The event went successfully, and the students had great fun being creative while gaining insights from industrial experts such as Chef Faizul and Chef Danial. We believe that this practical event has exposed our culinary students to the current demand for food products in local and international markets and at the same time, given them the opportunity to hone in on their culinary skills as well as inspired their creativity and thinking skills, allowing them to by create new recipes and design new menus as researchers in the food industry.

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