How to become a licensed counsellor

Ever wondered what it takes to become a licensed or registered Counsellor in Malaysia?

This month the School of American Degree Programme held a webinar conducted by a registered and licensed counsellor, Ms Yeoh Shu Yon, and moderated by American Degree Programme Leader, Ms Asnina Anandan on understanding the journey and pathway of becoming a registered counsellor in Malaysia. Shu Yon is the founder and counsellor at Dearest You Counselling and Consulting. She also works as a part-time student-counsellor at INTI International College Penang. Additionally, she also collaborates with Divine Post-Partum Care to provide postpartum depression screening test and consultation to mothers.

Shu Yon explained what counselling is, the pathway to becoming a registered counsellor in Malaysia, and how to obtain the licence to be come a certified counsellor. The webinar provided useful insights not only to the students but also to the general audience as well. Some of the key take away points given by Shu Yon was the following:

  1. The minimum requirement of being a registered counsellor is to posses a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in Counselling, completion of practicum hours, and passing the interview with the Board of Counsellors Malaysia (Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia).
  2. The journey of a counsellor does not stop only after obtaining the licence, but instead it should be advanced through continued learning.
  3. It is important to update our skills and knowledge in counselling by attending courses, training and workshops, including collecting Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points with Board of Counsellors Malaysia.
  4. Being a good counsellor is not about how skilful one is but about the ability to build trust and rapport with the client, which is key to effective counselling.

The recorded session of this webinar is viewable in the SEGi College Penang Facebook page (

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