High Rollers 2020

Educators today face new challenges that teachers have not experienced in the past. They deal with students who are part of a “Net Generation” who grew up in a world of virtual communication, complexity and online identity (Oblinger, 2003). They demand for something that could triggered them in a way more engaging, empowering and interactive learning experiences for their student life. They are daily in touch with technology and innovation in their lives through digital media, PDA phones and their online networks. This prove that hands on activities are more appealing to them compare to theoretical but no doubt that theoretical learning is somehow crucial for them as well.

In conjunction to this, School of Hospitality and Tourism (SOHT) students had organise an event call ‘High Rollers 2020’ by Diploma in Tourism students. The purpose of this event is to fulfil subject Sports and Recreation Management coursework requirement. Located at the Penang Bowl, Georgetown UNESCO Historic Site this event conducted successfully with the cooperation from both student and Penang Bowl. We started with a warm welcome from Penang Bowl, Georgetown staff in the morning. Following the COVID-19 SOP, there are several procedures need to be fulfil but overall the registration run smoothly. The main objective of this event is to let students gaining the experiences of organizing and master the process of holding activities. This will also encourage them to portray the ability and competency of individual and teamwork to organize the event successfully.

Penang Bowl is probably the oldest bowling alley in Penang. It is housed in a 3-storey building on Farquhar Street. The 16-lane Penang Bowl has been operating since the mid-1970s but worry not it still stand strong and one of the best! The Ten Pin Bowling Association of Penang is one of the professional body that recognizes Penang Bowl as one of the established venues to host their meet ups and training sessions. Definitely to have such an opportunity to hold an event there bring such memorable and learning experiences to the students and lastly fulfil the main program outcome as an Hospitality and tourism students.

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