Aspiring Entrepreneurs Club (AEC) SEGi College Penang win gold medal in the International Invention, Innovation and Design Competition 2020 in Kedah

We are proud to announce that one of Aspiring Entrepreneurs Club (AEC) SEGI College Penang member, Ms.Sharlini Nagarajan was crowned as a Gold Medal Award Winner for the International Invention,Innovation and Design Competition 2020 (3iDC 2020) in Kedah. The project was mentored by Mr. Mohd Ikhmal a lecturer from the School of Business and Accountancy. This project also received a good support from the management of SEGI College Penang. The 3iDC International competition consist of more than 50 contestants from various local and international higher education institution. This competition was organized by Mara Technology University on August 2020 (after the postponed due to MCO). The winner received the Gold Medal prize and certificate from the organizer.

The preparation for this competition took 3 months through a various brainstorming and effective discussion session. Ms.Sharlini who represent Aspiring Entrepreneurs Club SEGI College Penang had pitched impressively and outstandingly on the Business Idea plan CareatHome and win the first Gold Medal International Competition. This award successfully marked that ‘Everything Made Possible in You as a SEGIAN’.


Prepared by :

Mohd Ikhmal Fadzil

Lecturer/AEC Advisor

School of Business and Accountancy

SEGI College Penang


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