Physics tuition for SPM students by School of Engineering lectures of SEGi College Penang.

The engineering lecturers of SEGi College Penang took the initiative to conduct online physics class for SPM students, specifically covering chapters on Electricity, Electromagnetism and Electronics. This is because, a survey was done by the Marketing Department of SEGi College Penang on the difficulty level of Physics SPM topics. Based the survey, most of the students relates that these chapter are difficult to understand.

The session was conducted via online every Saturday on the month of November. By considering the students in Penang, the tuition classes were conducted in both Mandarin and English medium. This technique provided better understanding and exposure to the students as it allows students to communicate with their lecturer conveniently. Moreover, the teaching was conducted in small groups per session, in order for the students to obtain more personal attention and quality education.

The main objective of this Physics Tuition Class was to guide the SPM students to further enhance their understanding on these topics in an interactive way. Besides that, this initiative also allowed SEGi College Penang to promote our Engineering programme and the activities done by the School of Engineering team to the students. This provides a future career path and study options for the students after their SPM.

At the end of the session, students provided positive feedback on the teaching of these topics. Most of the students were able to connect with the lecturers as classes were conducted interactively. Furthermore, some students also requested classes for more topics of SPM Physics. Thus, this classes will allow to reach out to more students in the future.

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