It is very challenging nowadays to get jobs especially since the need for a specialist in the field is growing. Most of the industry preferred to hire someone with certification (proof) rather than someone with no certification. Knowing this demand, SEGi College Penang collaborates with IME Technology Penang (SOLIDWORKS reseller in Penang) to provide SOLIDWORKS certification through the degree program. Students will be exposed to SOLIDWORKS software during degree studies and receive CSWA certification direct from SOLIDWORKS. This move is in line with SEGi College Penang’s direction to generate graduates with all the skillset and certification (world-recognized certification).

Certified SOLIDWORKS ASSOCIATE TRAINING (ASSOCIATE MECHANICAL DESIGN) incorporated into degree subject called Design & 3D modelling whereby students are exposed to SOLIDWORKS Essential Training (required training before attempting CSWA Exam) within the subject. On top of that, students are also exposed to SOLIDWORKS Simulation as the requirement of the subject. This exposes the student to the Mechanical Design skill via SOLIDWORKS certification program – CSWA. As a certified Solidworks Associate, students will be better prepared to get a great job, move up in their current job, or even build their own company.

Last year June, the year 2020 batch of students successfully gained the CSWA certificate via 7 weeks of intensive training provided by a Mechanical Engineering Lecturer in SEGi College Penang. On top of that, students also received a certificate of attendance from IME Technology Penang – double certification. The training was provided via an online platform called blackboard as well as zoom followed by a refresher class provided by SOLIDWORKS Trainers from IME Technology Penang.

In conclusion, students hands on with the Solidwork and design improves their knowledge and skill which is competence for their working tasks. Equipped with this skill, students are ready to embark the future set of skills such as 3D printing or additive manufacturing to realize the implementation of Industry 4.0 at their work place. The importance of this course and its recognition international will help to improve the students marketability to secure a future job prospects as the students skills are meeting the requirement of the industry.


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