Bridging the gap: learning programming as a beginner

Programming is one of the most sought after skill today. Considering the high demand for software engineers, it makes sense to learn programming for beginners. But to learn how to code for starters is like “night walking in a clouded path”. It is a dark, long and challenging journey where some obstacles are easily jumped over, but some other makes us stop and freeze. Most newbies suffer from an inability to find intermediate tasks and sources of knowledge to bridge the gap between being a beginner and becoming a proficient coder. So, is there a fruitful way to learn how to code? These are some of practical approaches to learning programming.

In SEGi College Penang, we will expose our students to basic programming as we want them to develop a solid foundation. Firstly, choose the language that you want to learn. It could be any language such as C++ or Phyton, as long as you could relate and understand the syntax. You may learn through websites or tutorials which are abundance on the Internet.

Then, you should develop strong common fundamentals that will carry you through the learning process successfully. These fundamentals usually are common in all programming languages. They are, not limited to, topics such as data types and variables, logic structures, functions, array or list, classes or objects, exception handling, trees or maps, and many more.

The best way to learn is to start creating your own programming project. You will analyze problems and apply what you have learned previously. Building a code will give you practical learning experience which you may get from available resources. Moreover, you can also add the project to your profile or GitHub account, if you have one, or any online platform for you to build your portfolio. It will help you in the future when you want to showcase your skills, especially during job hunting.

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