Research experience by Samantha Beh, a final year student of BSc. Psychology, American Degree Program

Ever wondered what intrigues our interest to the point that it becomes an obsession to pursue and understand the phenomena further? This was what drove me to my research. Essentially, my research is aimed to examine if personality traits can be used as a predictor of a student’s preferred choice of self-regulated learning (SRL) strategies during online learning. Due to the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, we are compelled to an era of online learning from the comforts of our homes. But, this remote form of education could be a double-edged sword. Unlike traditional face-to-face setting, online learning requires students to be more self-directed in their learning progress than ever before. So, it got me thinking “Is there any way to improve their online learning experience or effectiveness?” and I began the current research with this interest in mind. The goal is to let them benefit from matching suitable SRL strategies based on the students’ personalities.

Frankly, conducting a research is fundamentally challenging and it certainly becomes even more demanding during a stressful time like this. Having to do a research in times where the nation is in conditional movement control order (CMCO) posed more challenges especially in the data collection process. The experience in this few month of conducting research was not entirely all fun and games. It is a systematically planned process with delicate steps. As for me, it has been a fruitful experience as I have learned a lot from my supervisor, Ms Asnina Anandan. I am glad to have her patient guidance and the support from my close ones on completing this final push and significant learning step of my degree’s journey at SEGi College Penang.


Samantha Beh,

Final year student (BSc. Psychology, TROY University)

American Degree Program by Segi College Penang

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