A Final Year Project (Object Colour Sorter) for Student Competency in Engineering Skills and Knowledge

Colour sorter machine is an automated technology which helps in colour sorting and differentiates product quality. It used in many factories such as the grain industry likes agricultural products, food industry, diamond and mining industry, recycling industry and others. It works by scanning the colour through a high-speed colour sensor of the items and separate them into different containers. It provides advantages, especially in the production line that allow the factories to produce their products faster.

For sorting object in industry, optical sorting is more convenient. In industry, colour and size are the most important features that can be done by using optical sensors or analysing their picture for accurate classification and sorting of product. The colour sorting machine is mainly a device that operates to sense the different colour of the object and sort them into a different container.

Besides that, the food production industry have more freshness and quality foods to produce in a short time, it can save many workers from working in, and it will be more efficiency. In the recycling industry, colour sorters are a very common machine in it. They used colour sorters machine to separate different colour of plastic flakes after the plastic get cut into small flake pieces.

Recently, a student from the School of Engineering, Segi College Penang has invented a high efficiency and low-cost object colour the sorter machine. This machine able sorts the objects according to five different colours into a different vessel. In this project, the student is learned to use a microcontroller to interface with colour sensor and stepper motors.

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