A library guide to Harvard referencing – a hybrid webinar

A webinar called “A Library Guide to Harvard Referencing” was conducted through Microsoft Teams on 30 March 2022 by our speaker Dr Balu Ramoo, a senior lecturer from the School of Business and Accounting at SEGi College Penang. Twenty-eight participants joined the hybrid workshop, the objective of which was to explain the importance of avoiding plagirism by creating citations. This hybrid workshop was organised by the Resource Centre Department in collaboration with Academics.

The workshop aimed to help students enhance the quality of their assignments through an understanding of how and where to find articles for their research and  how to write correct citations based on the required standards. The speaker also covered the dos and don’ts in research and citation. Many examples were shared to highlight common mistakes among students and how the citation and referencing format can be improved.

The session was also helpful to students embarking on theses and dissertations. Dr Balu also gave many tips of how to do proper research ranging from selecting research topics, doing literature reviews and data analysis.

The session was lively and interactive, with students raising questions and giving positive feedback.

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