The importance of role-play in counselling class for SEGi’s Psychology American Degree Programme

SEGi College Penang is offering Psychology under the American Degree Programme in collaboration with TROY University, USA. One of the subjects under the Psychology programme is Principles in Counselling.

In the subject of counselling, lecturers employ role-play to ensure that students achieve one of the learning outcomes.  Such activities allow students to practice and understand the roles of counsellor, client, and observer. Students rotate with their group mates on different roles so that they can explore proper counselling techniques to apply in their future profession. The lecturer observes this role-play and asks what they think about their counselling styles, including the questions asked and body language, and how they feel about them. Students can also check the video recordings to self-assess their skills and identify areas for future improvement.

Counselling skills include interpersonal and technical skills that counsellors use to help clients to handle personal problems and overcome obstacles that hinder their subsequent happy lives. Counselling is a form of talk therapy or treatment. During this process, the counsellor listens to the client and helps the client deal with challenges and emotions. A well-skilled counsellor can assist clients by providing them with the best opportunities for personal growth. Being aware of body language during a counselling session is an essential skill for counsellors. Clients may be worried that counsellors may judge them about their past behaviour or behaviour. Recognisingthis, the counsellor can maintain a warm and acceptable expression to reassure the client.

The subject Principles in Counselling teaches the necessary skills to those who aspire to be counsellors. To be a certified counsellor, though, requires further study and specialist training. The role of counsellors is to help people develop skills and strategies to better address life’s challenges. Counsellors play an important role in society and have the appropriate skills to make a positive impact on their clients. To prepare for a career as a counsellor, this subject enables them to get a better insight in to the profession.

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