October 30, 2020


By Siti Marlina Binti Saleh, Lecturer, School of Allied Health Sciences Kacang parang You can enjoy “kacang parang” or fava bean in a variety of forms: either cooked, eaten raw or dried as your choice of snack. Besides its yummy taste, this bean is rich in Vitamin B and minerals such as phosphorus, iron, magnesium...
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Book open on table in library
By Dennis Lim LLB, CLP, Senior Lecturer, School of Business Just mention the word “LAW” and every non-legal student will cringe in fear and pain. Is it really that difficult to study Law? Not really… Law is not rocket science. It just requires common sense. Personally, I feel that Mathematics and Science are way more...
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Visual of Students sitting on desks representing different social media applications (Akhil Pandey 2018)
By Thenmoli Rajantran, Lecturer, School of Communication & Design Students of the past and present are well acquainted with the many flaws of learning in an average classroom setting, be it unengaging textbooks or simply classes that are too long that it makes eternity seem like temporary when combined with a flurry of seemingly unending...
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Banner for Penjana HRDF event
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020 BULLETIN ARTICLE By Anand Raj Supramaniam, Head, School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts & School of American Degree Programme (ADP) An event that provided a boon to the number of our participants! It was a limelight shining period for SEGi Kuala Lumpur the moment we were nominated to conduct the above grooming...
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