Students show care and love for the elderly

SEGi College Subang Jaya’s students from the Co-Curriculum Management class under the School of MPU & Language have organised a charity event at Noble Care Old Folks in Subang Jaya.

This event aims to give our students an opportunity to contribute to society by expressing love to older adults. It also helps older adults stay emotionally engaged, reduces loneliness, and provides sufficient goods.

Our students also want to understand more about the condition of the elderly because the elderly are sometimes lonely and have no one to accompany them. So, our students feel the need to care for the elderly and give some help.

The Noble Care Subang Jaya manager welcomed our students to the old folk’s home and explained their rules and regulations there. Our students handed over all the charity items to him, and he brought the students to meet all the senior citizens. Our students met these elderly people and had short chats with them.

Most senior citizens have health problems at this nursing place, and few are in good health, active, and able to move freely. Our students performed singing and Diabolo to entertain the seniors, and they were excited and happy during the performance.

After the performance, our students talked to some senior citizens, and they shared their life experiences and activities in the centre. They were happy to share their interesting stories and unforgettable memories with the students. The students also did spring cleaning in the old folks’ homes.

From this event, our students understand the needs to care for and respect older people. The youths should be aware of good family values especially caring for and respecting the elderly. Our students realise that their short presence at Noble Care may not have a big change, but they have brought joy to the elderly during that time.

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