Stay Ahead in Early Childhood Education with Continuing Professional Development

Continuous professional development (CPD) is essential for everyone working in the field of early childhood education. SEGi is the first company in the nation to provide the 10-module HEI School Teacher diploma because we value continuing professional development (CPD) and have worked with HEI Schools Finland to do so. This programme is a great CPD package for ECCE that is flexible and affordable to fit working professionals’ hectic schedules.

The ability of CPD to keep early childhood professionals abreast of evolving best practises is one of its most important advantages. It is crucial for teachers to stay current with the most recent research and best practises because the field of ECCE is continually changing. CPD gives teachers the chance to learn new methods of instruction, tools for evaluation, and curriculum changes, ensuring that they are giving young students the best possible education. For instance, the HEI School Teacher Certificate is based on the most recent findings in pedagogy and early childhood education. Research-based subjects included in the curriculum include child development, play-based learning, project-based learning, and the function of teachers. The curriculum is made to assist teachers in using evidence-based methods while working with young children.

CPD also enhances teaching abilities. Teachers can review classroom management, lesson planning, and parent communication, among other topics, through CPD. They may become more effective and assured in their practises as a result. The HEI School Teacher Certificate has a variety of work-based activities, making it extremely practical. Teachers assist children develop their skills and competencies through observing children, planning, carrying out, and reflecting on their activities, among other things.

CPD promotes career progression, which is essential for professionals seeking to assume greater leadership positions like mentors or curriculum coordinators. To have a significant impact on children’s lives between the ages of 0 and 6, the early childhood education sector requires more change agents.

Last but not least, CPD raises job satisfaction. More job satisfaction results from early childhood educators feeling more competent and confident in their profession. Also, it can offer chances for both professional and personal growth and prevent burnout.

To deliver high-quality instruction and promote young children’s growth and development, early childhood practitioners must maintain their professional development. Join us on Thursday, 23 February 2023, at SEGi College Subang Jaya for a discussion with Heikki Vartia, Head of Global Partnerships (Asia), HEI Schools, Finland, to discover more about the HEI School Teacher Diploma at SEGi. We encourage everyone to take advantage of the programme because it is a great chance for ECCE professionals to increase their knowledge, skills, and competences.

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